Brightening Up White Scuffed Sneaker



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My daughter was thrilled when she landed the lead in her high school play. I as a mother wasn't so thrilled when I saw that her costume required white sneakers that she would have to practice in every day and keep bright and white.

After just two weeks of rehearsal her bright, white sneakers because so scuffed and scratched that I swear you'd be able to see it from the back row of the theatre. I took the shoes that evening and tried everything I could think of to turn them white and bright again, but nothing seemed to work. I even in a fit of desperation tried using Google to see if any suggestions came up when I looked for ways to remove stains from clothing, but got nothing.

It was late one evening when I came across a cheerleading message board. A mother on the board mentioned that she was using a product called White Brite on her daughter's shoes and they were coming out white and bright; no scuffs at all.

I immediately brought a bottle of White Brite and wanted to see if it could turn the dingy white shoes into clean, bright white sneakers. I placed a little of the White Brite solution on a rag and rubbed it into the shoe. I then ran it through the washing machine and let it dry. I was amazed.

My daughter's shoes came out looking white and bright. I no longer have to worry about having to buy numerous pairs of shoes for her rehearsals. And the best part is I found an amazing clothing stain remover as the product works wonders on clothes!


Saving a White Spring Jacket from Disaster



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It is so hard to find a favorite spring jacket. You know, one of those ones that keep you warm, but are light enough for the slightly cool weather. After searching for the perfect jacket and finding it, imagine my surprise when I washed it and it came out with huge hard water stains.

It appears as if the new apartment I moved into had extremely hard water that wasn't treated. This hard water wasn't treated which caused all my whites, including my jacket, to turn into a huge dingy whites pile. There was just no way for me to know how to remove clothing stains, especially when they were caused by hard water.

While I could have lived with most of my whites turning dingy, it was the jacket that really got to me. I spent hours scouring the Internet looking for ways to make whites brighter or for ways at I how could start removing stains from clothes. I looked for recommendations on how to remove hardwater stains from clothing, and I have to say I tried numerous ones. However, nothing worked.

I didn't find the solution to my hard water problem until a friend of mine recommended that I try a product called White Brite. She said that her mom had tried it and been extremely successful in treating and removing hard water stains from clothing and it worked at removing clothes stains. In fact, she even offered to let me borrow it to see how it worked.

The product was a lot easier to use than I had expected. All I had to do was soak the clothing I wanted clean in warm water mixed with the White Brite solution. I soaked the clothing in the washer for about three hours and then washed them as I normally would. The final result was amazing.

The white jacket not only came out fluffy and clean, but all hard water stains disappeared. I will definitely be making White Brite a regular part of my cleaning supplies as it works amazing at removing hard water stains. I can't wait to see how it works on other white clothing and even see how it works at removing rust stains in clothes.


Dingy Whites No More


white shirt
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In my home, it is important to get the dingy whites whiter. I’ve always had this thing about making sure that my white clothes actually looked white. Because of this, I have gone through nearly every remedy you can think of for getting stains out. Removing stains from clothes has become something of a challenge in my house, as well.

I have little kids. They are amazing, fun, and smart. Unfortunately, they also make messes. Add that to the hard water in our home, and you need a special kind of clothing stain remover.

I tried everything. Bleach, air drying, and keeping the kids away from rust and dirt didn’t work so well. It seemed like every time I kept them away from something that would stain their white clothes, they did something or went somewhere that stained things even more.

Eventually, I started asking friends how to get my white shirts whiter. This led to many discussions on old wives tales and tried and true methods. Of course, it turned out that I had actually used most of the ideas, and they hadn’t worked as well as they should.

However, one of my friends told me about a product she had found. White Brite was the perfect thing to make dingy whites sparkle again, I was told. I’m not going to lie, at first, I was skeptical. Then, I picked up a small bottle while shopping one day, and I’m glad I did.

From that day on, I’ve been the one to tell my friends about the great whitening power of White Brite. You’d be surprised the yellow staining I’ve been able to get rid of. My husband had a shirt that was nearly all yellow from hard water. Now it looks as good as new.

I’ve told friends and family about my success with White Brite. I’ve even told strangers I saw looking at clothing stain remover at the store. When looking for a product that gets out the gross in your white clothes, I highly suggest White Brite. Not only does it work, it is quick and easy.


Cleaning up from Vacation


red sand dune

Family vacations are great. Unfortunately, when you get back from a vacation, you may find that there are problems you hadn’t anticipated. For example, when my family and I got back from a vacation in the south, we came back with stained clothes.

In the past, I have never had to try to remove red clay stains. So, when we got home and I had to do this for the first time, I was a little concerned. The bleach I tried to use didn’t remove red dirt stains like I thought it should. No amount of scrubbing I did helped at all.

I did a bit of research on getting stains out. There was a lot about how difficult these stains were to remove. I found that you had to have a very good clothing stain remover. It didn’t take long before I found exactly what I needed.

White Brite was said to be the best way to remove stains from clothes. In fact, what I read said that White Brite was specifically helpful to remove red dirt stains. I found that I could even get it locally.

After I picked up some White Brite, it was time to go through the stained clothes and get them clean. It seemed like everything had gotten the difficult to clean dirt on it. Some of the clothes that were a little harder to clean got extra soaking time. I let these clothes sit for about half an hour in a solution that was mostly White Brite, with some water.

After the soaking, I washed the clothes like normal. They came out looking great. White Brite had done the job. The stains were gone.

Before I found White Brite, I was concerned about taking a vacation like that again. I didn’t want to have to deal with trying to remove red clay stains that just were going to be stubborn. Since I found White Brite, I don’t worry about where we go on vacation; White Brite will remove stains from clothing, wherever they are from.


Get Ready for the Dinner Party


white fabric

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I admit it. I have hard water. It is something that we need to fix in our home, but at the moment, it is something we deal with. Unfortunately, that also means that our clothes and linens deal with it as well. Sadly, they don’t fare nearly as well as we humans do; because of the hard water, I constantly have to try to find the perfect clothing stain remover.

Or, I was, previously. However, I have found the answer. White Brite is the right cleaner to make my dingy whites less dingy. I’ve seen this mostly with my table clothes and napkins. Of course, I don’t use cloth napkins for everyday use, and because of this, when I pulled them out for a get together, I was shocked at how dirty they looked. Even after working at getting stains out of these pieces, I felt like it was useless. I was sure I would have to get new napkins.

Before I headed to the store, I searched how to remove clothing stains from white cloth. Of course there were nearly as many answers as there are people. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to remove hard water stains from clothing? After doing a little research and heading to the store, I found what I needed.

Adding White Brite to the wash and letting the napkins soak for a bit seemed to do the trick. After washing them with a combination of White Brite and my regular detergent, I was thrilled. White Brite cleaned my white clothes, dingy napkins, and stained tablecloth.

In fact, this product did such a good job that everyone at my dinner party asked if the tablecloth and napkins were new. I explained that just a few days ago, these were very dingy whites, and no one believed me!

Having White Brite in my washing arsenal seems to make life a lot easier. I can make sure that everything is as white as can be, and stains are no longer an issue in our home. From dress shirts to socks, and even tablewear, White Brite works at making everything clean and removing stains from clothes.


Keeping Baseball Pants White


Have you ever had to try cleaning baseball pants white as new? It is not an easy task. In fact, cleaning white uniforms of any kind is not a fun prospect. No one wants to have dingy whites, especially when those whites are a part of a costume or uniform.Keep baseball pants white

Hard water can cause yellowing in clothes. This is especially apparent in whites. Unfortunately, any old clothing stain remover isn’t going to remove hardwater stains from clothing. Removing clothing stains in general is not easy.

When my white clothes get dingy, I feel gross. It may be a little strange, but when I know how to get my white shirts whiter, I feel better all around. Dingy whites are a pet peeve of mine. However, we have hard water at my home.

It seems like my son’s baseball pants are the most difficult thing to keep white. Sure, they get dirty while he’s playing, but they also get stained when I wash them. That is why I stared looking for a product to help me get rid of the impurities that my hard water caused in the uniform.

White Brite is what helped in my home. I no longer have to worry about dingy whites. It is now easy, cleaning baseball pants white. My son’s uniform is no longer the yellow-looking one. After a quick soak in the washing machine, and then a normal run through, White Brite helps me remove stains from clothes.

I’ve started telling all the moms from the baseball team. Of course, they don’t all have hard water. However, those that do are also singing the praises of this product. Even those that don’t have hard water have found that it is easier removing stains from clothes with White Brite than it was before.

When looking for something that will help remove hardwater stains from clothing and combat dingy whites, White Brite is exactly what you need. There is nothing I have tried that does a better job at keeping my white bright. All the whites in my home look more like new than they have in a long time, and it is all thanks to White Brite.


Cleaning up Spills


Hot towel Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things spill ”” this is a fact of life. Whether you have kids or not, there will come a time that you will need to clean up a spill. Generally, when cleaning up, I grab the closest towel. Unfortunately, this can mean that I then need to deal with getting stains out of the towel. Far too often, the towel that I grab is white or light colored.

Removing stains from clothes is difficult enough, but when talking about towels, it gets even more frustrating. Towels are specifically made to be more absorbent, and because of this getting stains out becomes more difficult. I know how to remove hard water stains from clothing, and I can get ketchup out of a shirt without a problem. But I was stumped about stains on white towels.

I did a search to find the best clothing stain remover. Luckily, I found White Brite. Getting stains out with this product was a breeze. Even my towels were easily cleaned. With some of the more stubborn stains, I did a presoak. After letting the towels sit in the White Brite for just under half an hour, I threw them in the washer. They came out as good as new. They were better than they had been in a long time. Not only was I able to get rid of the stains, the white towels seemed brighter.

Finding the right product is not always easy. However, with White Brite, I know that I can quickly and easily get rid of any stains. From juice spills to hard water stains, and everything in between, I am thrilled with the way my clothes come out of the wash.


Staying Fashionable Without Worrying About Rust or Hard Water Stains


White jeans seemed to be the latest fashion trend. In an effort to be trendy I purchased several pairs of white jeans for my wardrobe. While these pants are extremely fashionable, they are also a pain to clean. Recently, a several pairs got a few rust stains and hard water stains on them after several washes.

I tried numerous suggestions on how to remove rust stains from clothing. I tried bleach, some odd mixture of household products and I even tried hand scrubbing the stains for several minutes. Nothing worked. I was about ready to just toss the jeans into what I call my dingy whites pile, when I discovered a solution – White Brite.

My mother recommended that I try a product that she found extremely successful. She said that she recently purchased White Brite and the product worked wonders when it comes to removing stains from clothes. She said she was able to successfully remove hardwater stains from clothing and even got pesky rust stains out.

Thinking that I had nothing to lose, as I had tried all my other ideas for getting stains out of my jeans, I decided to try White Brite. The product was extremely easy to use. I didn't have to scrub or spend hours watching the stain remove. All I had to do was soak the clothing in a combination of warm water and White Brite solution, then immediately wash the clothing as I normally would.

I was a little skeptical that the product would work. After all, anything that just required you to soak and wash couldn't possibly remove stains like it said, but I was proven wrong. When I removed the clothing from the dryer it was like someone waved a magic wand. All the rust and hard water stains disappeared.

White Brite has now become a regular staple in my laundry room, as it works wonders to remove clothing stains. I have used it numerous times to remove stains from clothing and will continue to do so for many years to come.


Try a New Product


Keeping dress shirts spotless is difficult. However, it is even harder keeping these clothes from getting dingy. If you have hard water, it can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. Dingy whites make you look and feel less clean, and because of that, it is important to remove hardwater stains from clothing.

I have hardwater. Because of this, I am always looking up how to get my white shirts whiter. Of course, sometimes we get stains on our clothes from food, but those have always been easier to deal with than the slow buildup of hardwater stains. Bleach does nothing for this, at least in my experience.

After a lot of research on how to remove clothing stains, I was about to give up. I felt like I had tried everything there was. I didn’t want to throw out good clothes, but I also didn’t want to wear a shirt that looked yellow, even though it started white.

However, I was in luck. One day while I was at the grocery store, I was picking up some cleaners. I saw a product that I hadn’t seen before. The label of White Brite said that it could make help with dingy clothes. Getting stains out would be much easier with this product than with others, it said. I decided to try it out.

When I got home, I took some dingy whites and threw them in the washing machine. I added White Brite, and let the clothes soak for a few minutes, per the label. After that, I added my normal detergent and set the clothes to wash.

To be completely honest, I didn’t expect much. Nothing else had worked to remove hardwater stains from clothing. However, when the clothes were dry, I was happily surprised.

You see, the clothes that had looked yellowed before now looked white. I didn’t have to worry about buying new shirts; these looked as good as new!

I have started using White Brite for all of my white clothes. I no longer have dingy whites, and instead have the perfect clothing stain remover.


Saving White Cloth Headbands From Stains


girl in headband

My daughter has a favorite headband that she loves to wear. This white cloth headband goes with almost any outfit and she insists on wearing it daily. Imagine my surprise when I went to pull the headband out of the dryer and noticed that somewhere during the washing process it got numerous hard water stains on it.

I have never had an issue with hard water stains, but lately every load of laundry comes out with yellow spots from the hard water. I spent numerous hours looking for how to remove stains from clothing. I didn't want to develop a huge white clothes stained pile that was filled with numerous clothing items that couldn't be used.

I must have spent numerous hours trying to find how to remove clothes stains that were caused by hard water. No matter what clothing stain remover I tried nothing seemed to work. All the clothing came out with the yellow stains still on them.

It wasn't until I found a mother's forum that I discovered White Brite. A mother on one of the forum boards recommended a product called White Brite. She said it worked wonders to remove hardwater stains from clothing. Figuring I had nothing left to lose, I decided to give the product a try.

White Brite is an extremely easy product to use, especially when using it to remove stains from clothes. All I had to do was soak the clothing in a mixture of warm water and White Brite solution. After soaking the clothing for several hours, I washed them like normal and the product worked its magic.

I was amazed at the results that I got. All the clothing I washed, including the white headband my daughter loves so much, came out clean and spotless. I no longer have to worry about developing a pile of dingy whites in my laundry room, as White Brite works wonders and does the best job I've seen at getting stains out.