guy in white tee

It is so frustrating when a white t-shirt gets dingy. Dingy whites are one of my pet-peeves. I can deal with ketchup stains and messes, but when my whites are no longer white, I get irritated. I have been searching for the perfect way to remove stains from clothing, especially when it comes to the dingy looking stains that are left on white shirts after they have had a little bit of use. One of the things I have found hardest is being able to remove hard water stains from clothing.

I asked friends if they knew how to get my white shirts whiter.It didn't take long before one friend told me she had found the perfect way to remove stains from clothing. She told me she no longer had trouble getting her dingy whites clean again. After asking how she did it, she revealed her secret.

She told me she uses White Brite. I decided that if it worked so well for her and her family, I should try it at our house. I let the shirts soak for about five minutes in water and White Brite, per the instructions, added my normal detergent, and started the wash. When the shirts came out, not only were they clean, they weren't dingy!

It may seem silly to some that this was such a big deal to me. However, as a mom, it can be frustrating to see all of the whites my children wear slowly turn yellow. Being able to get rid of the dingy, yellow color has saved my sanity. I no longer need to worry about constantly getting new t-shirts. When I wash them with White Brite, the old shirts look new again.

I also found that this works on more than just t-shirts. In fact, it is safe for all white fabrics. I have started washing socks, work shirts, tablecloths, and more with White Brite. Everything comes out looking better than before. White Brite does more for my dingy white than anything I have tried in the past. When white clothes get dingy, I highly suggest White Brite. You'll be happy at how white your whites look when properly cleaned. In fact, now I am suggesting White Brite to all my friends. I feel no one should have to deal with the frustration I went through, trying to get my clothes looking better.