Have you ever had colored clothes bleed onto either other colors or whites? I have. It's happened a few times around our home. When you find white clothes stained, it is frustrating, and it can be difficult to get rid of those stains. I started searching for ways to remove stains from clothes. Unfortunately, many of the options out there didn't do any good. Getting dye stains out that had bled is much more difficult than removing clothes stains of other types.

I looked online for options on how to get my white shirts and towels whiter. I had tried most of the things I found ”” until I came across White Brite. White Brite claimed to be able to remove clothing stains, including those made by colors bleeding. I decided to try it out. I put the clothes in the washer, with some water and the White Brite. I let it all sit for a little while, and then put the clothes through a normal wash.

When the clothes were cleaned, I was shocked. I'll admit, I wasn't sure at first if this would work ”” nothing else had. However, when I pulled my white clothes and towels out, they were white again! My clothes were no longer pink and grey. White Brite had done what no other whiteners could. It fixed my clothes.

I no longer have to worry about letting my husband or kids do the laundry. Now, even if something does end up getting color bleed from other clothes, I know I can fix the problem, which means I am no longer stressing out that I am the only one in house that can do the laundry.