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Testimonial by: Jill S.

My son plays travel baseball- and somehow they continue to think white pants are a good choice. Living in Georgia, the red clay is almost impossible to get out! But White Brite sure does! Completely! Without bleaching any of the coloring on the pants! I just put the pants in a bucket with hot water and White Brite and let the soak (usually overnight), then throw them in the wash the next morning. For additional grass stains I have to use a little stain pretreat- but they come out sparkling white!
Thanks White Birte!
by: Jill Snow

Testimonial by: Shannon Hewitt Urquiola”Ž


I LOVE WHITE BRITE and THIS is why!!! My daughter plays travel softball and I could not make it without White Brite! Every Mom on all of her teams know about it, because I share it with EVERYONE!! THANK YOU so MUCH for making my life of laundry so much easier! I only wish PUBLIX sold it!! by: Shannon Hewitt Urquiola”Ž


Testimonial by: Amanda Harper

We live in Georgia and my son plays travel baseball. He plays a TON of baseball throughout the year in the lovely Georgia Red Clay. People have always steered clear of white pants because of the red clay stains and until we found Iron Out, we did too! We love it. We can not survive in our house without it. I keep several bottles in stock and take it with us when we travel on weekend tournaments. We gather the teams uniforms (white AND grey pants) & soak them in warm water & iron out at the end of the day. Voila!!! They are ready for another day of baseball and look brand new. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this product. It is simply amazing!
by: Amanda Harper

Hitting A Home Run When Cleaning White Baseball Uniforms


Baseball, what a wonderful sport. You love the sights, sounds, and smells of the game until you are left with the challenge of cleaning white uniforms. You cringe at the thought of getting stains out of white baseball uniforms. You search for ways to best remove the red dirt stains and to return the uniform to a clean, fresh, white appearance. You are tired of spending additional money to replace white baseball pants throughout the season.

White Brite is a product that is formulated to safely and effectively remove dinginess, yellowing and stains from white clothing, including the red dirt stains on white baseball uniforms. White Brite is a laundry whitener that cleans dingy whites and can either be used in a washing machine or in a separate plastic soaking container, along with your regular detergent. White Brite whitens and brightens white clothing.

The following is a list of the top five things that consumers are saying about using White Brite to clean white baseball uniforms.

  • White Brite performs amazingly well at removing red dirt stains.

  • White Brite is economical, convenient, safe and easy to use.

  • White Brite returns dingy white baseball uniforms to a clean, fresh, white appearance.

  • White Brite eliminates the need to purchase additional white baseball pants during the season.

  • Players who wear uniforms washed with White Brite get noticed by other players, coaches and spectators.

Hit a homerun this season by using White Brite to successfully remove red dirt stains from your white baseball uniforms.

(image of clean white baseball uniform)

White Brite Brightens Up Volleyball Uniform Knee Pads



Playing volleyball is a thrilling and exciting activity, but one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is the knee pads. Knee pads are designed to protect the knees from injuries that result from a sudden impact with the ground, but I secretly believe they were designed to frustrate me.

Image Courtesy of Flickr

I can never get my knee pads clean no matter how hard I try. I recently played in a tournament where there must have been some type of red clay mixed in with the ground we were playing on, because my pads had tons of red clay stains on them.

I spent days trying to remove red clay stains from the pads, but nothing worked. I tried everything I came across that promised to help me remove red dirt stains from clothing and every time I would end up with knee pads that no better than when I started.

Over dinner with a friend I was venting about how frustrated I had gotten with trying to get stains out. She asked me if I had tried a product called White Brite. White Brite is a clothing stain remover that is designed to make whites bright again and it even says it works on red clay stains. My friend said she had success with it helping to remove stains from clothes, so it might help me.

On the way home I purchased White Brite from the store. The directions seemed extremely easy. All it asked was that I soak the clothing for a bit and then wash as normal. Following these easy to understand directions, I tossed the pads in a bucket, soaked them for several hours, and then washed them.

When I pulled my knee pads out I was speechless.  All of the red clay stains were removed and even some stains that I didn't know were there! My knee pads are now whiter and brighter than ever and I don't have to go through the expense of having to purchase a new set.


Getting Rid of Vacation Stains


Remove Red Clay StainsI found out the hard way how difficult it can be to remove red clay stains. Though I have become a pro at removing stains from clothes, this was a new type of stain to me. After a family vacation to Georgia, it seemed like every piece of clothing was stained with red dirt. All of my normal tricks didn't do a thing, and the clothes remained stained.

I decided it was time to find something new. After a little bit of research on how to remove red dirt stains, I stumbled across White Brite. I decided it was worth a try, and picked some up. Everything I read and heard said that White Brite was the best at getting stains out, especially these stains from red dirt.

I decided to presoak the clothes, since the stains had been sitting there for a while. After about 20 minutes of soaking the clothes, I ran them through a wash, as normal. I was thrilled at how well White Brite worked at getting stains out. All of the clothes that had been stained red were now clean. The stains were gone.

I was worried for a while that the red dirt stains were going to ruin the clothes we had taken on vacation. However, once I found White Brite, I knew that this is a worry of the past. I now know how to remove red clay stains, and get all of my clothes cleaner and brighter than they have been in the past. We are already planning our next family vacation, and the red clay doesn't worry me anymore.


Remove Red Clay Stains from a Table Cloth




(Photo credit: Flickr)

When you have kids, you know things are going to get messy. However, if you are like me, you would rather have a tablecloth get gross than completely ruin a beautiful table. I know my kids are going to spill. I know they are going to make messes. However, you never know how bad a stain is going to be until it is too late or how much time and effort I will have to put into getting stains out. 

Have you ever had to remove red dirt stains from a tablecloth? I have. It was not a fun prospect. The kids decided that it would be great to take my beautiful white tablecloth outside one day, just to play with. Of course they chose the one I had planned to use for a family get together that weekend!

I tried everything to get that tablecloth as clean as I could. Bleach left stains, and so did everything else I tried. I decided to search for different ways of getting stains out. After just a few minutes of looking, I found White Brite. I also saw that it was available near me. 

I soaked the tablecloth in the washing machine with some White Brite for about 20 minutes (I needed to remove these red clay stains, and they were bad!). After that, I just washed the tablecloth with the White Brite and my normal detergent. 

The results were amazing. I was originally worried that I may have to go buy a new table cloth, but White Brite saved the day and is my go-to product when I need to remove red dirt stains or deal with dingy whites. No one at the family get together believed me when I told them that just a few days ago, this beautiful table cloth was full of ground in stains.