surprise rust stains from washer

If you've ever walked into a women's intimates section in a store then you know how expensive bras can be. Most of the items in that section can cost anywhere from $40-$75. So imagine my astonishment when I left my favorite bra out to dry and somehow a rusty nail fell on it, ruining the entire garment or so I thought.

I tried numerous home remedies that claimed to help remove rust stains from clothing. There was the cure that said to wash the product in bleach, the solution that said using hard water would help, and the one that said just buy another product. I didn't want to give up hope that there was something out there that could help save my favorite undergarment.

It was during one of my late night chats with my mom that the solution was discovered. My mom brought up the fact that she had purchased a new product called White Brite from the store. She said it mentioned that it would work at removing stains from clothes and she thought of my problem with the rust stain on my expensive bra.

The next day she brought the product over for me to try it out. The directions were extremely easy to understand and the process involved to remove rust stains from clothing was even easier. All I had to do was soak the clothing in the machine for an hour then wash as I normally would.

When the wash was done I anxiously awaited to see what the results would be. I was surprised to see that I couldn't even see where the old rust stain was on the garment of clothing. Even if I squinted really hard I couldn't tell.

After seeing the results from White Brite I think I'll try it on other clothing. I have a pile of dingy whites that I have never been able to get clean. The product claims to be able to remove hard water stains and yellowing, which is just what that pile of clothing needs. One clothing problem down another to tackle in the future!